Snazzy Cat Capers Book 2 Trailer!

Two months til launch!

The 2nd in the Snazzy Cat Capers book series, “The Fast and the Furriest” will be released September 17, 2019!

We had a lot of fun with book 2 because we had a bit more room to send Ophelia to a few international places. The stakes are high as the world’s #1 cat burglar needs to outsmart her ambitious, devious cousin Pierre AND the CCIA (Central Canine Intelligence Agency) to save cat-kind. We’ll do a few posts on the making of this middle grade novel. There are graphic novel pages throughout and about 100 illustrations.

Check out the trailer!

A fun Snazzy Cat Capers review!

We’re pretty thrilled with this nice review from Booklist Online!

Snazzy Cat Capers

By Deanna Kent. Illus. by Neil Hooson

Sept 2018. 224p. Macmillan/Imprint, $13.99 (9781250143433). Gr. 2–5


World-renowned cat burglar Ophelia is the best the Furry Feline Burglary Institute (FFBI) offers (and she always looks fabulous, too). Director Mew thinks she needs a sidekick, but the independent thief disagrees. No one is good enough to work alongside Ophelia and her greatness. She’s rejected 16 inventors in just one year: one was smelly, one too boring, one told bad jokes, and the last one threw fart bombs. But the director has a trick up his sleeve. When the FFBI offers the ultimate challenge—to steal a giant Himalayan diamond—Ophelia must work with her newly appointed inventor, Oscar Fishgerald Gold, to become the best catnapping team. She needs to learn to trust her partner and his skills of invention, all while foiling her rival's plans. Black-and-white, graphic-novel-style panels, complete with dialogue bubbles, break up the text and add to the action. This first book in the Snazzy Cat Capers series is full of humor, mystery, and adventure. — Rosie Camargo

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