Snazzy Cat Capers at SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2018!

If we tried to pretend we were all cool about Snazzy Cat Capers visiting the San Diego Comic Con 2018, it would be a big, fat, furry LIE.

We're so excited the Macmillan's Imprint will have Ophelia von Hairball (and crew) there. They'll be giving away Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) to kids and also this fun "Create Your Own Purr-Fect Disguise" sheet so kids can make their own snazzy mask.

Also, we're lucky enough to be part of the "Action Packed Animals" book series in the great company of Spy Penguins and Thundercluck! All are there in San Diego for Comic Con.

Macmillan took a few pictures to show us how much Ophelia was loving that con!

If you couldn't go, here's a copy of the Mask Making page to print out so you can make your own Ophelia von Hairball mask! Because we all need a good disguise now and then.

Stay Snazzy,

Deanna & Neil

SCC 2 IMG-1497.JPG
SCC_1 IMG-1495.JPG