The Art of the Villain! Meet Pierre von Rascal, Ophelia's dastardly cousin.

From the desk of Neil Hooson, Snazzy Cat Caper co-creator and artist comes a less than purr-fect villain of the Snazzy Cat Caper book series: Pierre von Rascal!

Pierre is the opposite of Ophelia von Hairball V in character. While Ophelia (the world's number one cat burglar) is stealthy and filled with class (and sass) Pierre always forgets his manners and he's NOT known for his elegance. Since they're opposites in character description, Neil wanted to contrast the two of them in design:

  • Ophelia is smaller, fuzzy, and short-limbed while Pierre is tall and lean.
  • Ophelia has wide-set eyes and Pierre's eyes are so close together that they've joined to create one big eye!
  • Ophelia loves dashing disguises and designer ensembles while Pierre adores his tacky suits, scarves and never goes anywhere without his signature unibrow!

Fun fact: Pierre's expression is inspired by Siamese cats.