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Ophelia von Hairball V of Burglaria is the world's #1 cat burglar. But with a fin-tastic inventor she doesn't want and lots of enemies, this stylish, snazzy, and stealthy cat gets herself into some claw-some capers...


Ophelia von Hairball

Ophelia von Hairball V

Is she planning a heist? Creating fabulous, one-of-a-kind disguises? What's the world's number one cat burglar up to now?

Oscar F. Gold


This senior inventor is always busy making new gear and gadgets for Ophelia's latest and greatest heist. What's his latest invention?

Pierre von Rascal

Pierre von Rascal

Ophelia's arch-enemy and dastardly cousin is usually trying to find a way to mess up Ophelia's plans so HE can become the top cat burglar!

“I want to be Ophelia when I grow up!! And I want Oscar to be my BFF—Best Fishy Friend! Snazzy Cat Capers is fabulous, funny and fin-tastic fun with illustrations that pounce off the page.”
—Mo O’Hara, New York Times bestselling author of the My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish series

"She’s the pussycat love child of James Bond and Zsa Zsa Gabor, and who can’t love that? Kent’s series kickoff is a silly riot. Classy bad girl Ophelia is as funny as she is furry (though she’s not too bad: FFBI agents rarely keep the sparkly they swipe…it’s the thrill of the heist!). Hooson’s cartoon illustrations and many in-line comic-strip pages are just the ticket to keep pages turning and prompt calls for sequels."
—Kirkus Reviews



Fast & the Furriest


Coming September 2019!